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build a bussness you want to work in

It takes years to build a business, and a lifetime to explore and refine your personal style. Things don’t always go according to plan, mistakes get made along the way, and sometimes we stumble and fall on our quest to learn.

I’d love to cushion some of those falls for you if I can. Building HOLLINGSWORTH up from freelancing side hustler to full-time floral art studio means I’ve gathered my fair share of hard lessons along the way. Now, I’ve transformed those lessons into support and resources for business owners, freelancers, TAFE students and florists just starting out.

what i can help you with

Client management

Learn the systems I use to manage my clients efficiently while delivering a high level of service and support

sustainable practices


Style & Creative direction

Refine your everyday processes to free up more time to focus on the things you love in your business

Let me teach you how to create sustainably without compromising on design

Profit & forcasting

Hone your floral design skills and explore your personal style, and how to communicate this to your team + clients

Learn how to plan your financial calendar and cost your services for profit

pick my brain


Pick my brain on all things flowers and business with my personalised mentoring service that’s tailored specifically to you and where you’re at on your business journey. This is a single session option, great for working on a specific problem in your business.

Starting Price:

$ 2,500 USD

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ongoing support

Ongoing sessions and support for people who are ready to go out on their own or take their business to the next level. Perfect for anyone looking for structured time to work on your business instead of just in it, or help tackling a new direction.

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frequently asked question


Business owners, freelancers, TAFE students and florists ready to go out on their own. It doesn’t matter your experience or skill level, these guides and resources are designed to offer support and systems to help you at every stage of your flower career.

What if I just work as a florist with no plans to start my own business, would this be helpful for me?


This is primarily aimed at people who own their own businesses, but could also really help florists managing some one else’s business!

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