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HOLLINGSWORTH is the ultimate representation of who I am as a creative. My every joy and experience in life, art, flowers and business, all planted in one place and ready to grow once more.

Over the years I have moved in and out of creative practices. undoubtedly informed by my background in painting and art history, writing on visual culture and of course finding flowers and floristry.

There have been many seasons of Studio Hollingsworth. From working as a florist at one of Melbourne’s largest styling powerhouses, to solo floral side gig, making arrangements on the top of my share house recycling bin, to a full-time, full-service floral art studio. I’ve transformed and evolved. Learned and grown. Been in bloom and out. Just like the flowers I hold so dear.

All of these stages have brought me hear to Studio HOLLINGSWORTH, a home my love of creating with my hands, and my playful exploration of colours and materials.

I work out on my home studio in Garfield Victoria where I live with my husband, dog, cat and chickens.

HOLLINGSWORTH a place for me to share my work and help you with yours. My practice has always been intertwined with teaching and education, sharing my experience and knowledge in both business and creative practices


My philosphy

I’ve always believed in celebrating what mother nature does on her own whim, elevating the joy and beauty of flowers in all their natural glory. My deep respect for nature means only using locally, seasonally grown flowers from Australia and New Zealand, and always honouring the abundance of the seasons. This connects my work to a specific time and place. A moment, a feeling. One that cannot be repeated, and that only belongs to you.

This commitment to celebrating the temporary nature of flowers has seen a significant shift in the way I do things. I’ve combined a true love of flowers with years of research and dedication to perfecting my craft in a way that upholds the values most important to me.

HOLLINGSWORTH is where sustainable practices and thoughtful design come together in perfect harmony.

It’s also where I explore unique art practices and processes that bring my love of flowers to life through other mediums, like painting, murals, tufting, and whatever else takes my fancy.

My floral and art practices are irrevocably intertwined, and my work is as much about the process as it is about the finished piece.

The search for brilliance and authenticity through making, painting, doing has always inspired me. I believe in making room for mistakes and play, and in losing myself to the process, to find and express my own stories and ideas.

Also beauty. Always beauty. I value that above all else, and flowers bring that into every moment for me.

Want to learn how to design and work more sustainably?

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did you know I have a podcast with my Brilliant Friend Morgana?

Featured In

I’ve been so lucky to have my work celebrated in publications and by people that I really admire.

Here’s a collection of some of my favourite features over the years.

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