I know firsthand how difficult it can be to manage the parts of your business that might not always light you up. Budgeting, accounting, quoting, putting together a proposal or design document. It’s a lot of hats for one person to wear, and it can be exhausting.

But I’m here to help make sure you can earn enough money to live, doing what you love, and spend more time in the parts of your business that make you happiest.

These are the tools I’ve developed for myself over many years. They work for me, and after sharing them with a few friends I quickly realised they might work for you too. Everything I’ve ever learned, streamlined, just for you. I still use these templates to this day.

You’ll find everything from how to order flowers and cost your services to moodboard and run sheet templates, and even my guide to getting more freelance work and favourite colour palette suggestions.



Say goodbye to panic buying and over ordering! This calculator is designed to streamline your ordering process so you’re never caught short, or caught overspending, again. My go-to tool for making sure you stay on budget and order exactly what you need.


Costing Calculator

Access the exact formulas I use to help me cost my work and stay in profit, including how to calculate costs for staff, flowers, labour, transport, vase hire and installations. This calculator will take all the guess work out of your pricing systems and give you complete confidence that you’re charging correctly.

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if there is a tool in mind that you would like, please let us know! We are always adding to our toolkit!

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